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You are one step away from joining Anthemis' exclusive talent pool. This is our platform to help magnify your exposure to the opportunities among a diversified portfolio of companies driving change in the world of finance.

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If you're interested in a role at an Anthemis portfolio company, reach out to your closest Anthemis contact and have them recommend you to join our talent network.

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As well as our recommendation, receive alerts about jobs across our portfolio that match your profile.

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Let Anthemis Recommend You

Want to work for one of Anthemis' portfolio companies? Simply reach out to your Anthemis connection to recommend you and join our exclusive talent network.

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Companies in the Anthemis portfolio will invite you for interviews when your profile is complete. Never write applications again.

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Choose whether you want to hide your profile from certain companies. No need to tell everyone you are looking for a job.

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